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Doing Business As (DBA): Nichols Services
Owner: Cliff A. Nichols
Email Address: cliffn@nicholsservices.com
Postal Address: P.O. Box 16088, Lubbock, TX 79490-6088

Why Nichols Services?

Nichols Services is a small web firm. Customer service is our number one priority. It is very important that you get what you've come for, and that's a really great site and really great service.

Nichols Services works at an affordable rate -- less than most other development houses -- and works quickly and efficiently to get your job done right. We use all of the techniques and ideas you see here, and more, all to produce the sharpest looking web site for you. Capture the minds of your visitors the first time they come to your site so they'll keep coming back. (No, it's not Jedi mind tricks, just a professional quality that your visitors will appreciate!)

When in doubt, contact us about the possibilities with our services. We're far more than you see here -- Web sites, product packaging design, newsletters, and where ever else your imagination can take you -- Nichols Services can take you there. The current rate for programming, scanning, graphics work, coding and design can range from $50/hour to $500/hour in the world market.

And how about geography? How often is location unimportant? Very rarely. Well, you just got lucky. Wherever you are, Nichols Services can take care of your needs. We have plenty of experience working via the Internet. In fact, it's our preferred method of communication, because it's fast and we don't have to coordinate time zones.

Nichols Services is currently comprised of myself Cliff A. Nichols. I've been on the computer bulletin boards before the internet in the early eighties and the internet since the early nineties, creating personal sites, business sites, graphics, logos, databases, and applications.

Web projects are a passion of Nichols Services. Nichols Services is committed to offering the best work we possibly can.




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