Web Page Design & Development
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Making the decision to go online is getting easier. Putting your site together isn't. Work closely with our staff to plan, lay out, organize, and design your web presence to suit your individual needs. Each development project is done on a case by case basis, creating the site with style fitted to your needs.

Web design is what Nichols Services is committed to. Cliff is our resident design guru, with over five years of experience designing for the web. Listed below are the services we provide for every web site design client (please note, these are the bare minimum--we provide many more services on an as-needed basis).

  • Consultation

  • Custom design and layout

  • Coding

  • Custom graphic creation (as needed)

  • Photo scanning (as needed)

  • Submission to five top internet search engines

  • Setup with a host of your choice 

  • Copies of all files

In addition to web site design, we have lots of experience creating graphics. Everything you see on the sites we've designed is something originally created by us. What kind of things qualify as graphics?

  • Consultation

  • Logos

  • Photographs

  • Elaborate text

  • Image maps

  • Cartoons

  • Collages

  • Anything else you've seen that's not plain text

 Graphics are not just for the web. We can create graphics for your use in presentations, corporate identity (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, signage, etc.), applications, CD covers, and just about anything else you can think of. We do hand-drawn or computer designs (Cliff has an artistic background along with the technological knowledge of 3-Dimensional design for the graphic technology). If you have an idea, no matter what it is, we'll do our best to make it happen. Just contact us and tell us about it.



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